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Motocraft BatteriesMotorcraft® batteries are the only batteries specifically engineered for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. In fact, a leading consumer magazine recognizes them as "Best in Class" values. All are designed to provide dependable power in a wide range of conditions.


They're available for automotive, marine, commercial, farm, industrial and specialty applications. Motorcraft® battery models are available for GM, DaimlerChrysler and a number of import vehicles as well. Features include:



  • Vent caps to reduce electrolyte loss
  • Inner cell welds to shorten current path
  • Heat-sealed covers to prevent leaks
  • Polypropylene containers that are impact resistant
  • Positive plates that contain a long-life alloy
  • 50% thicker cast-on straps and envelope separators to reduce resistance
  • The complete Motorcraft® battery line includes:
  • Tested Tough® MAX
  • Tested Tough® PLUS
  • Dual Terminal
  • Fleet Tough / Commercial
  • Fleet Tough / Extra
  • Marine Craft
  • Specialty
  • Tested Tough® MAX
  • 100-month limited warranty *
  • 36-month FREE replacement
  • Reduced charging time
  • Long-life alloys provide excellent performance in high-heat applications
  • Tested Tough® PLUS
  • 84-month limited warranty *
  • 18-month FREE replacement
  • Available in top or side post configurations
  • Fits a wide variety of vehicle applications – includes adapter/spacer
  • Dual Terminal
  • 100-month limited warranty *

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